Our agent & ISO program is focused on your success. We have a seamless submission and application process through an agent portal that allows you to board your merchants quickly. Our in-house underwriting and sales support team are high risk specialists and dedicated to increasing approval rate and growing your portfolio. For those hard to answer questions in some challenging verticals, we have a team of specialists ready and waiting to get you the answers you need when you need them. PaymentCloud provides all the tools your business and merchants need to succeed.


We have a seasoned team of credit card specialists in high risk businesses when specialization is needed most. Our in-house underwriting department is increasing our approval rates and shortening the application time making for happier customers. For those hard to answer questions in some challenging verticals, we have a team of specialists ready and waiting to get you the answers you need when you need them.

A full-service team dedicated to growing your portfolio. Let’s be honest, this industry is difficult enough… your partners shouldn’t be.


Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

Our white glove treatment is tried and trusted with some of the largest names in the industry like Stripe and When they have a customer and they know their brand is on the line, they trust PaymentCloud. We have the financial relationships built to service a variety of business verticals so that you can focus on your core competency all the while building your residual commissions. PaymentCloud offers your development team the integration tools they need to connect directly to our system, a sales support team that can hold your merchant’s hand through the entire on boarding process, and an aggressive revenue share program that can add additional streams of income to your growing business.

Referral Partner

PaymentCloud’s pillar of success is referrals. We are proud to know that our hard work and expertise hasn’t only helped to build this company, it is what fuels and continues to drive our growth. We know that if we can focus on servicing the merchant and supporting the agent, we will continue to grow our referral partners commission exponentially.

I’ve been in the payments industry a long time and have developed numerous relationships for “hard to place” business. PaymentCloud is the first office that I feel values my hard earned merchants as much as I do. I have an easy to use portal to submit applications and a knowledgeable support team behind me to guide my merchants through what can be a complicated approval process. The PaymentCloud team provides me with the tools and expertise I need not just to board merchants, but to help them grow and prosper. They see the whole picture and I can’t recommend the team over there highly enough!

Mark S. Miami, FL

We spend an incredible amount of money on digital marketing as it is our top expenditure. Before PaymentCloud we were throwing away quality leads because they were declined by our processor - we honestly didn’t know what to do with them and didn’t give it much thought. We now submit this business to the PaymentCloud team who are spinning them into gold. The revenue generated from these “lost leads” has allowed us to grow our spend and board more deals. We would highly recommend them as a resource to grow your company!

Jared M. Atlanta, GA